Executive Coaching

“As a leader your every action has a consequence, make sure it’s one you intend.”
Katherine Bryant

I believe great leaders are clear, consistent, confident and considered. Through coaching, I assist leaders to develop these strengths in their leadership style and to make use of a coach’s mindset in every conversation they hold.

Coaching is a self-reflective process, allowing you time to explore, plan and reflect on the actions you have taken or are about to take. Coaching is not about getting advice because you are in control of your direction. Through coaching, I will provide you with questions that challenge your thinking, encouraging you to explore the factors involved and raising your awareness to possibilities.

I work with leaders at every stage of their leadership career, from aspiring to executive level.

Where are you in your leadership career and where do want to take it?

Executive coaching is most often conducted one-on-one where I work with you to articulate your goals and map a path for working toward your goal achievement. A coaching program typically consists of multiple regular hourly sessions – the number of which you decide.

I am often asked to coach several people in one organisation and I stress with everyone I coach that their story, their challenges and what we work on together is our business and no-one else’s.  I operate under a code of ethics where confidentiality is paramount. If we are to submit a coaching report to your organisation, the contents of that report are decided together.

The Coachee chooses the areas for coaching and during a coaching program the topics can be many and varied. Below I have listed some of the topics and challenges that often come up.

What are your challenges? What would you like to explore through coaching?  

  • Building leadership capacity
  • Enhancing team performance and dynamics
  • Strengthening your leadership style during challenging conversations
  • Workplace relationship challenges
  • Goal setting and goal achievement
  • Strategic thinking and sharing your vision
  • Defining and refining your personal brand and public image
  • Decision making behaviours and tools
  • Time and task management – dealing with stress, anxiety, frustration and procrastination
  • Preparing for a new role and managing the transition
  • Creating work-life balance to optimise performance

What people are saying about me:

Individual Coaching: “Janine was empathetic, asking all the right questions to help me think and reach my own conclusions. In a gentle way, without being confronting, she pushed me to look at myself and help improve my confidence as a leader”. Mina Danos, Wellbeing Leader, Ruyton Girls’ School

Team Coaching: “Working with Janine produced instant success! As an executive coach for the leadership groups at Kilvington she has enabled many staff to reflect and achieve professional and personal goals with her expertise and guidance. Janine is knowledgeable in her field of expertise and is able to relate closely to the unique challenge of teaching and teachers. Her unassuming manner combined with tactful but direct conversations make her coaching successful but also individual as she genuinely cares about those she works with. I highly recommend Janine.” Teresa Deshon, former Deputy Principal, Kilvington Grammar School.