Webinar Series-Raising Your Profile

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  • 23/05/2018

Whether you are preparing for your next role, wanting to step up in leadership or simply lift your presence and profile across the industry,
this webinar series is for you.

Webinar 1: Your Personal Brand   
Webinar 2: Your LinkedIn profile
Webinar 3: The Resume
Webinar 4: The Interview Process

Each Webinar:       $37 (includes GST)

                                 7.00pm – 8.00pm AEST     

     Webinar 1- Wed 20 June   Book Here Web 1

     Webinar 2- Tues 10 July    Book Here Web 2

     Webinar 3- Mon 30 July     Book Here Web 3

     Webinar 4- Wed 1 August  Book Here Web 4

Webinar 1: Your Personal Brand:
Personal Branding is about making sure that how you want to be perceived by your colleagues and managers is being accurately portrayed and delivered in your every interaction. If you are not in control of your brand, your colleagues will create it for you.

Webinar 2: Your LinkedIn Profile:
The most important social media platform for your career is LinkedIn. You need an ‘All Star’ profile and you need to be regularly present on the platform and making new connections. In this webinar we will explore what is needed to get to ‘All Star’ and the etiquette to making connections.

Webinar 3: The Resume:
This webinar will look at how the current resume is constructed, the language to use, what to highlight and what to leave out, referees and much more.

Webinar 4: The Interview Process: 
We will walk you through the interview process, styles of questioning and how to respond, questions often asked, interview errors, managing the less structured sections in an interview and the types of interviews at different stages of the process.