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Leadership Coach & Career Strategic Coaching -Helping educators be lead confidently, stand out, be ‘market ready’

Webinar Series – Raising Your Profile – 4 part series on Personal Brand, LinkedIn Profile, The Resume and The Interview Process

The Leading Edge: Women in Education Conference – international annual conference for women in education

Conversational Resilience – 1 day PD – strategies to stay confident and resilient in challenging conversations

Leveraging Your Leadership Style – 1 day PD- for new and existing leaders to know their behavioural and communication style

Coaching Conversations – 1 day PD-  introducing you to the mindset of coaching

20 Hour Become a Peer Coach Certification Program – 2 days of robust coach training for coaching in pedagogy and leadership

The Leadership Exchange – the meeting group for educators. Week 6 Wednesday 6-8.30pm every term

Behavioural Profiling/Psychometric Testing– know your impact, how you behave, communicate and are perceived and learn how to identify the styles of others


  • … learn about my team and myself…

    Ruyton Girls' School

    "Janine’s coaching helped me learn more about my team and myself. During our sessions she shared her valuable experience, guiding and supporting us (both as individuals and within a team environment) to review and evaluate our current practices and to make informed decisions as we developed a more coherent and extended Year 7/8 pastoral program."

    Lee Alexis
    Level Coordinator

  • ..a privilege to be part of..

    Geelong Grammar School

    "I was grateful to be part of The Leading Edge: Women in Education Conference, facilitated by Janine Stratford from Coaching Focus.  This meaningful and positive professional development opportunity brought together a range of professional female educators from across Australia.  It was a privilege to be part of such a talented and diverse group of educators.  The conference itself was practical and thought-provoking.  I enjoyed the collegial discussion and the focus on improving student learning and wellbeing.  I gained much from examining the future possibilities for my own career and further study in educational management.  I am looking forward to staying connected with the other delegates and the professional dialogue continuing."

    In reference to The Leading Edge: Women In Education Conference, Melbourne, August 2016

    Emma Grave
    Head of Garnett House


  • …highly recommend it to any woman looking to advance her career…

    Saint Kentigern College, Auckland, New Zealand

    "The Leading Edge: Women in Education Conference, organised through Janine and Coaching Focus, proved to be both empowering and challenging.  The conference has helped me understand how to move into the next level of leadership and which direction would best suit me.  The one-on-one discussion around the Talent Insights profile was hugely valuable, and Janine’s candid and practical advice made this the best Professional Development I have attended in my nine years of teaching. I would highly recommend it to any woman looking to advance her career."

    Alice Hamilton

    Head of House Wishart (Middle School)

    In reference to The Leading Edge: Women In Education Conference, Melbourne, August, 2016

  • She challenged me…

    Kilvington Grammar School

    "Janine provided strategies and she made me think!  I felt comfortable to discuss any aspect of my role with Janine. She challenged me to change my behaviour and to improve my work outcomes. She helped me see different perspectives and analyse things I did and thoughts I held. She encouraged me and supported me to work on areas of my work life that needed improvement." 

     Karen Bryce

    VCE Co-ordinator, Food Technology & HHD Teacher

  • … I took away knowledge that will stay with me throughout my career

    Korowa Anglican Girls’ School

    "I truly believe that The Leading Edge: Women in Education Conference had something to offer women at any stage of their leadership careers. The fantastic range of presenters generously shared valuable insights, experiences and advice, and I took away knowledge that will stay with me throughout my career. I would highly recommend the conference to anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally."

    Ellen Robinson
    German/French Teacher

    In reference to The Leading Edge: Women In Education Conference, Melbourne, August, 2016

  • …to have the opportunity to sit down with an experienced school leader…

    Kilvington Grammar School

    "I have learnt a number of strategies and new ways of thinking about the challenges of my role. It has been great to have the opportunity to sit down with an experienced school leader and discuss ideas and strategies in a time that would otherwise not be available. Janine has challenged my thinking and helped me develop."

    Alan Clarke
    International Student Coordinator
  • ….inspired me to ‘take control’

    MacKillop Catholic College, Tasmania

    "This conference was different to any other conference I have been to.  It promoted connection with other leaders, inspired me to ‘take control’ of my career, and offered me ideas as to how I can further my own understanding of my leadership style.  It recognised my strengths, but also showed my areas of challenge, recognising the importance of understanding both and the impact they can have on the way I lead in a school environment."

    Olivia Stephen

    Year Level Coordinator

    In reference to The Leading Edge: Women In Education Conference, Melbourne, August, 2016


  • … way more than I could have imagined.

    Kilvington Grammar School

    "Janine’s coaching enabled me to reflect and talk about myself way more than I could have imagined. As a result, I have made some real progress setting and achieving important goals in relation to the way I work and the way I interact and relate to the people around me in my workplace."

    Andrew Johnson

    Careers Advisor, English and Drama Teacher

  • … to build my confidence and to assert myself …

    Ruyton Girls' School

    "I was lacking the ability to clarify my goals and to set realistic objectives before working with Janine. Janine has helped me to build my confidence and to assert myself in the workplace, as well as assisting me to put in place some clear strategies in order for me to move forward in my career."

    Kiri Adams
    Deputy Level Coordinator

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