Leadership Development Programs

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”
Author Unknown

Leadership 101  1-Day Workshop

To lead well, you need to know yourself. With the help of the DISC Behavioural Profile, discover your behavioural and communication style. You will learn how to identify the style of your colleagues and team members, how to make use of this insight to improve communication and better manage meetings and projects and improve how you are perceived.


This program is recommended for all leaders to gain greater insight into their team’s dynamics, have better collegiate relationships and improve their leadership effectiveness.

This program is delivered publicly 4 times a year and can be brought to your school or organisation for a larger group.

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Conversational Resilience – 1 Day Workshop

Learn the skills and strategies necessary to be ready for the next challenging conversations. With the help of a toolkit of language, coaching-style questions and emotional regulation techniques, you will be more confident and resilient to remain strongly present in the conversation.

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What are people saying about the program

“The opportunity to work through the steps to solve real problems has been very valuable”. Simone Eirth, McKinnon Primary School

“There is no such thing as a challenging conversations anymore. I now feel empowered with the knowledge and skills to be able to solve problems”. Tanya Turczyniak, Westbourne Grammar School





These programs can be brought to your school or workplace.

We can also design workshops to meet your specific needs.

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Leadership Development Programs designed to meet your specific needs.

I have often been described as an engaging speaker and facilitator. I like that because if you are going to learn something new you have got to get into it and work with it. Being an executive coach, participants will feel my coaching approach in my presentation style. I will encourage each person to extend themselves and look deeply at the way they think and work, their beliefs, attitudes and approach to leadership. Each program is interactive and you will want to get involved. 

My programs can be for large groups or more intimate. Either way, together we dig deep, discuss, explore and challenge ourselves, so you walk away from the program having changed your thinking and prepared with new actions. I will link research and theory to best practice and model how to apply this thinking in the presentations. Participants will come away from each program equipped with strategies and tools for immediate implementation. You might even get a helpful template or two!

I have programs that I deliver publicly and will also design bespoke programs to meet your particular needs. I encourage you to look at two of my public programs shown below. These can also be brought to your organisation for a larger group.

Topics may include:

  • Leadership challenges
  • Leadership skills for emerging and aspiring leaders
  • Leadership skills for students
  • Extending and refining leadership style
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Developing high performing teams
  • Managing relationships – parents, students and or colleagues
  • Building emotionally intelligent school cultures
  • Emotional intelligence for leaders
  • Emotional intelligence for students