Coaching Mindset – 6 Hour Program

Growing and equipping people is critical to good leadership.

If you could encourage and engage the individuals you work with, would you be more likely to see them bring their A-game?

Coaching Mindset is a one-day program that gives you insight into the attitude of a coach.

The program is designed for those leaders and educators who want to incorporate the mindset and questioning style of coaching into their every day conversations with their team members and their students.

You’ll explore a framework of clear, positive coaching-style communication techniques, designed to bring out the best in people.

Coaching Know-How

What does it include? 

  • Active listening & effective questioning techniques
  • Explore coaching frameworks, including introducing the GROW Model
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult conversations
  • Differentiate between coaching, mentoring, counselling & training

This program can be brought to your school or workplace.

We can also design workshops to meet your specific needs.

6 hours Prof. Development

Detailed Workbook & Certificate of Attendance Provided


Build trust 

Whether you’re dealing with colleagues, students or parents, a coaching mindset can build trust, transform learning opportunities and increase effectiveness.

You’ll have ample opportunities to put your new knowledge into practice during the session, solidifying your own learning and embedding new practices.


Increase collaboration and accountability

Coaching Mindset is an introduction into coaching. It will help you to start using coaching questions and the attitude of coaching in your day to day interactions.

It is especially useful when your advice is being sought; you can turn the advice-seeking into a collaborative conversation where the solution is being designed together.

To learn how to coach more formally, we recommend the 20 Hour Coach Certification Program.

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