How to become the role model leader that you have always wanted to be

  1. Do you understand how you are perceived and the impact you have on others?
  2. Are you uncomfortable facing challenging conversations and when you do, you don’t handle them well?
  3. Do you think as the leader you need to solve everyone’s problems, have all the answers, and then advise them about what they should do?
  4. Do you know what you want from yourself and from your team and is what you spend most time on meeting the priorities for your role?

These are the four most common ways that leaders let themselves down. 

Not surprisingly, they are also the leadership challenges that we are asked, most often, to design programs to address, and for both new and more experienced leaders.

Role model leaders are clear, confident, consistent and considered.

Clear:  They know how they behave and communicate, how they are perceived and how they need to work with others for the best working relationships and results.

Confident: They are both resilient and assertive in challenging conversations and know what they are working towards.

Consistent: They appreciate others for both their strengths and growth opportunities. They use a coaching style in every conversation with a focus on working together to find the solution.

Considered:  They have identified what they want from, and for, themselves and those around them and understand the value of moving forward together.

Do you want to be a role model leader?


4 modules


5 workshop days



the four modules

module 1- clear    

Great leaders know themselves. They are clear about who they are, why they do what they do and how they want to lead others.  They are deeply aware of how others see them, and they understand the way they work and communicate best.  They are clear about their brand and how they need to interact with others. From this knowledge they can grow their impact and influence.

Leadership and the DISC- grow your impact and influence is a one-day workshop that will reveal your behavioural and communication style using the DISC behavioural profiling model. You will understand the how and why of your style and learn how to identify the styles of those around you. You will explore how you are perceived by others and if you don’t like it, what you can do to improve it. You will also learn how to adjust your style for better communication and to improve team dynamics.  You will come out of the workshop with greater clarity of who you are and how you want to lead.

1 Day Workshop: Leadership and the DISC- grow your impact and influence        

 2022 Dates

Term 3: Monday 1 August            9.00am – 3.30pm AEST online

Term 4: Monday 7 November     9.00am – 3.30pm AEDT online

module 2 – confident

Great leaders understand that positive working relationships develop strong healthy work cultures and that relationships are built through conversations; where people feel safe to speak, safe to ask, and safe to explore and be creative. That culture comes from robust conversations and collaboration. Leading this culture are great leaders who when challenging conversations appear unexpectedly, are able to be resilient and assertive in the moment. We call this conversational resilience.

Managing Conflict – developing conversational resilience is a one-day workshop where you’ll learn skills and strategies to stay confident and lead well in the next challenging conversation. You will develop statements and questions to use when that moment arrives that will shift conflict to conversation. You will understand how different personality types respond under stress and learn emotional intelligence techniques to manage emotions, both yours and theirs. You will also be provided with a 6 step framework that smoothly works towards a plan of action using a coaching approach to co-create a solution.

1 Day Workshop: Managing Conflict – developing conversational resilience

2022 Dates:

Term 3: Monday 15 August            9.00am – 3.30pm AEST online

Term 4: Friday 11 November         9.00am – 3.30pm AEDT online

module 3 – consistent

Great leaders understand that getting the best out of their team is not about the leader having all the answers. It’s about working collaboratively and supporting each team member to explore their options and to find the best way forward with support. They use a coaching style in their everyday conversations and communication. They are not advice-givers, instead they are solution-facilitators and they do it consistently.

Coach Certification Program  is a 20 hour program that involves two workshop days with learning before and after each workshop. The program will help you be a better listener, to ask more open questions and to stay away from advice-giving. In the program you will practise using a variety of coaching frameworks that can be incorporated into your everyday conversations, as well as more formal coaching opportunities, so that you develop a consistent way of working with your team. Solutions will then be generated together, and you will be empowering those around you to be solution-finders and to remain accountable to their goals.

2 Day Workshop: Coach Certification Program

2022 Dates

Term 3: Day 1 – Wed 10 August    Day 2 – Mon 5 September   9.00am – 3.30pm AEST online

Term 4: Day 1- Fri 28 October     Day 2 – Wed 23 November  9.00am – 3.30pm AEDT online

module 4 – considered

Great leaders know what they want for themselves and for those around them. They appreciate that an effective team works as one and has a clear focus. They know that to do this, relationships need to be healthy with trust as the foundation and that their role as the leader, is to build capacity.  They value moving forward together and work strategically to support the success of the organisation.

The Strategic Leader – defining your focus is a one-day workshop where you will more clearly identify the type of leader you want to be for your team and for your organisation, thinking and acting more strategically. Through exploring your current focus, projects, relationships, expectations and leadership style, you will work towards re-defining them. You will come away with a plan and set of actions from the coaching conversations that are interspersed throughout the day.

1 Day Workshop: The Strategic Leader – defining your focus

2022 Dates: 

Term 3: Wednesday 31 August     9.00am – 3.30pm AEST online

Term 4: Monday 14 November   9.00am – 3.30pm  AEDT online

Great leaders are clear, confident, consistent and considered. 

Become the role model leader for students and staff around you.


Complete the program at your pace.

Two options:

1. Register for one workshop per term. All workshops are scheduled every term.


2. Complete all four modules over 12 to 24 months and receive a discount.

You can start any term and with any module.


module 1: $490 (plus GST) – 1 day program includes the cost of a 40 page DISC and Driving Forces profile

module 2. $390 (plus GST) – 1 day program

module 3. $790 (plus GST) – 2 day program

module 4. $390 (plus GST) – 1 day program

4 module cost when purchased separately: $2,060 (plus GST)


4 modules when purchased together: $1,816 (plus GST) – saving $244 (plus GST)

All prices AUD

All times AEST/AEDT

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