How to become the role model leader that you have always wanted to be.

  1. Do you understand how you are perceived and the impact you have on others?
  2. Are you uncomfortable facing challenging conversations and when you do, you don’t handle it well?
  3. Do you think as the leader you need to solve everyone’s problems, have all the answers, and then tell them what they should do?
  4. Do you over-react to problems, don’t give enough time to consider the needs of others and let your moods fluctuate?

These are the four most common ways that leaders let themselves down. Not surprisingly, they are also the leadership challenges that we are asked, most often, to design programs to address, and for both new and more experienced leaders.

Great leaders are clear, confident, consistent and considered.

They know themselves, how they behave and communicate, how they are perceived and how they need to work with others for the best working relationship and results. They value people and the strengths and qualities they bring and understand what to look for and what to ask to find out what they don’t know. They use a coaching style in every conversation that has a focus on working together to find the solution. They have high emotional intelligence, are consistent in how they interact with others and are both resilient and assertive in challenging conversations.

Would you prefer to be like this instead?


4 leadership challenges=4 learning modules


The Four Modules

Module 1- Clear    

Great leaders know themselves. They are clear about who they are, why they do what they do and how they want to lead others.  They are deeply aware of how others see them and they understand the way they work and communicate best.  They are clear about their brand and how they need to interact with others. From this knowledge they can grow their impact and influence.

Leadership 101 – Grow your impact and influence is a one day workshops that will reveal your behavioural and communication style using the DISC behavioural profiling model. You will understand the how and why of your style and learn how to identify the styles of those around you. You will explore how you are perceived by others and if you don’t like it, what you can do to improve it. You will also learn how to adjust your style for better communication and to improve team dynamics.  You will come out of the workshop with greater clarity of  who you are and how you want to lead.

Dates for 2019

1 Day Workshop: Leadership 101 – Grow your Impact and Influence

Term 1: Wed 27 February    Term 2: Wed 22 May

Term 3: Fri 2 August            Term 4: Wed 30 October


Module 2 – Confident

Great leaders understand that positive working relationships develop strong healthy work cultures and that relationships are built through conversations, where people feel safe to speak, safe to ask, and safe to explore and be creative. That culture comes from robust conversations and collaboration. Leading this culture are great leaders who when challenging conversations appear unexpectedly, are able to be resilient and assertive in the moment. We call this conversational resilience.

Managing Conflict – Developing Conversational Resilience is a one-day workshop where you’ll learn skills and strategies to stay confident and lead well in the next challenging conversation. You will identify your conflict triggers, understand how different personality types respond under stress, learn emotional intelligence techniques to manage conflict and create an Action Plan for the next challenging conversation.

 Dates for 2019

1 Day Workshop: Managing Conflict -Developing Conversational Resilience

Term 1: Wed 27 March      Term 2: Fri 7 June

Term 3: Friday 16 August   Term 4: Wed 20 November


Module 3 – Consistent

Great leaders understand that getting the best out of their team is not about the leader having all the answers. It’s about working collaboratively and supporting each team member to explore their options and to find the best way forward with support. They use a coaching style in their everyday conversations and communication. They are not advice-givers, instead they are solution-facilitators and they do it consistently.

Learn to Coach – 20 Hour Coach Certification Program  will help you be a better listener, to ask more open questions and to stay away from advice-giving. In the program you will practise using a variety of coaching frameworks that can be incorporated into your  everyday conversations as well as more formal coaching opportunities so that you develop a consistent way of working with your team. Solutions will then be generated together and you will be empowering those around you to be solution-finders and to remain accountable to their goals.

Dates for 2019

2 Day Workshop: Learn to Coach – 20 Hour Coach Certification Program

Semester 1 program:  Day 1: Fri 1 March & Day 2:Mon 1 April

Semester 2 program:  Day 1: Fri 26 July & Day 2: Mon 26 August

Module 4 – Considered

Great leaders understand themselves. They know what makes them tick and what makes them trigger. Emotional regulation is a key skill all leaders must master in order to present themselves with a calm and considered demeanour and to ensure they get the best from every interaction.  Great leaders understand and appreciate that some people need more time to form decisions and others need decisions made quickly. Managing these expectations involves being able to regulate your own emotions while managing the situation to ensure the emotions of others are also in check.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – Strengthening Soft Skills is a one-day workshop where you will explore the demeanour and approach that you want to define you as a leader; one that does not over-react, has a considered approach and operates with high emotional intelligence every day. You’ll design your preferred leadership style, identify what motivates you and what triggers you, and develop your set of emotional regulation strategies to ensure every interaction is considered and has a lasting positive impact on others.

Dates for 2019

1 Day Workshop: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – Strengthening Soft Skills

Term 1: Not held                Term 2: Wed 19 June

Term 3: Wed 28 August      Term 4: Fri 8 November


Great leaders are clear, confident, consistent and considered. 

Become the role model for students and staff around you.

Three Program Levels

Basic Program: individual module approach

  • Book in and pay separately for each workshop
  • Attend the four workshops across your chosen time frame.
  • Workshop Prices:

Module 1: $560

Module 2. $490

Module 3. $987

Module 4. $490

Program Price: $ 2,527 (incl GST) if you pay separately for each workshop

You can book into any workshop through the Program and Events Menu

Advanced Program: 4 workshops over 12 months

Package includes:

  • Discount price on the four workshops – one workshop attended per term
  • Closed Group Webinar – one per term
  • Group Coaching Call – one per term

Program Price: $ 2,200 (incl GST)


Leadership Fast Track Program: 4 workshops over 12 months plus individual coaching

Package includes:

  • Discount price on the four workshops – one workshop attended per term
  • Closed Group Webinar – one per term
  • Individual Coaching Session – one per term
  • Career Strategic Coaching- two sessions within the 12 months

Program Price: $ 3,400 (incl GST)

Your program can start at any time with any module. Workshops are held every term.

Note: All workshops can be delivered in your school to larger groups for a group discount.

What it all means:

Group Coaching Call – The Group Coaching Call is a small group one hour coaching conversation over ZOOM to further explore the leadership challenges, set goals and put goals into action.

Closed Group Webinars – Each term there is a closed-group webinar where we discuss current leadership challenges in more detail. We unpack leadership case studies and rework the scenarios, developing strategies and language that we can incorporate into our daily interactions.

Individual Coaching Session – Individual coaching sessions provide the necessary support to embed the learning from each leadership challenge into the way you lead to assist in thinking and behaving differently to become the leader and role model you want to be.

Career Strategic Coaching –  Individual one hour coaching sessions focused on the leader’s career path and direction.  In the session the following can be explored in time available – gaps in leadership experience and expertise, critical analysis of the resume and/or application letter, interview preparation and practice.

To find out more, book a free call with Janine