Stepping Up Leadership Program

We believe great leaders are clear, consistent, confident and considered. They use a coaching style, have a focus on healthy staff culture and strong working relationships. They have high emotional intelligence and are both resilient and assertive in challenging conversations.

4 themes = 4 modules

Module 1 – Clear

Great leaders know themselves. They have clear about who they are, why they do what they do and how they want to lead others.  They are deeply aware of how others see them and they understand the way they work and communicate best.  They are clear about their brand and how they need to interact with others. From this knowledge they can grow their impact and influence.

Workshop: Leadership 101 – Grow your Impact and Influence

Module 2 – Consistent

Great leaders understand that getting the best out of their team is not about the leader having all the answers. Its about working collaboratively and supporting each team member to explore their options and to find the best way forward with support. They use a coaching style in their everyday conversations and communication. They are not advice – givers, instead they are solution – facilitators and they do it consistently.

Workshop: Leader as Coach – The Coaching Mindset

Module 3 – Confident

Great leaders understand that positive working relationships develop strong healthy work cultures and that relationships are built through conversations, where people feel safe to speak, safe to ask, and safe to explore and be creative. That culture comes from robust conversations and collaboration. Leading this culture are great leaders who when challenging conversations appear unexpectedly, are able to be resilient and assertive in the moment. We call this conversational resilience.

Workshop: Managing Conflict – Developing Conversational Resilience

Module 4 – Considered

Great leaders have a vision. They know where they want to take their team and their leadership and have developed a plan to achieve it. A great leader never works alone. They understand the importance of collaboration, consultation and bringing the team along with them on the journey. A great leader is considered in how they respond in the moment. Their team know that every day they will be received in the same way, with a calm demeanour, thoughtful approach and work with them to find the way forward. Great leaders have developed soft skills; high emotional intelligence, and understand the impact of positive interpersonal interactions to culture, productivity and creativity.

Workshop: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – Strengthening Soft Skills

When to start:

You can start the program at any stage in the year from Module 1. The workshops are held regularly throughout the year. You can also do more than 1 workshop per term.

Complete the full program over 1 or 2 years.

Total PD hours for 4 modules: 22

AITSL Standards: 6 & 7

Great leaders are clear, consistent, confident and considered. Become the role model for students and staff around you.


Four Program Levels

Basic Program: individual module approach

Enrol individually for the 4 workshops and complete them in your chosen time frame.

Advanced Program: complete all 4 workshops and receive a discount package price.

Register for the 4 workshops in the Stepping Up Program and receive a package discount.  The Stepping Up program is ideally completed over 1 or 2 years.

Fast Track Program: 4 workshops completed in one year plus a coaching session per module.

Package includes:

  • discount price on the four workshops – completed one workshop per term
  • one individual 1-hour coaching session per term

The coaching session will provide the necessary support to help embed the learning from each term’s workshop and assist in thinking and behaving differently to become the leader and role model you want to be.

Aspirant Leader Program: 4 modules completed in one year, plus coaching sessions, webinars and mentor support.

  • discount price on the four workshops – completed one workshop per term
  • two individual 1-hour coaching sessions per term
  • one closed-group 1-hour webinar per term
  • two mentor sessions across the year

The coaching sessions will provide the necessary support to help embed the learning from each module and assist in thinking and behaving differently to become the leader and role model you want to be.

Each term there is a closed-group webinar where we discuss the current theme in more detail. We unpack leadership case studies and rework the scenarios through the current theme’s lens for a better outcome, developing strategies and language that we can incorporate into our daily interactions.

Aspirant leaders have access to Janine Stratford, Leadership Coach & Career Strategist, as their mentor to assist them to fast track their leadership development. They can schedule two mentor sessions and receive email support to assist their leadership growth throughout the year’s program.

To find out more, book a free call with Janine