Now running every Term – a new meeting group for educators!  Week 6 Wednesday every Term.

It is about being known for what you know and who you know and ……who knows you!

The Leadership Exchange four aims:

  • to assist teachers and middle leaders to make real connections with like-minds and assist collegiate relationships to flourish
  • to provide a forum for ideas to be shared, with the opportunity to public speak in a more intimate forum and your thought leadership to be heard and noticed
  • to learn more about the current educational landscape, to be informed, and to learn from those people that we need to know about
  • to develop great leaders of education

Stepping up in your role, stepping up in your leadership relies on you knowing the educational landscape, having your finger on the pulse. You also need connections, people that you can bounce ideas off, ask questions, people that are traveling the same road as you and experiencing the same issues and challenges, people you can learn from, people you can watch, people that will listen.

The group meets once a term- that means 4 times a year. If you are serious about your leadership journey, then these are the 4 vital meetings you will attend annually and the most valuable in your leadership PD.

The group is run by Janine Stratford, of Coaching Focus, former Deputy Principal, now Executive Coach to teachers and leaders in schools, and trainer and facilitator of professional development programs. Janine holds leadership development conferences across Australia, presents for Independent Schools Victoria, as well as her own programs. She works in education and for the corporate sector. Janine is an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation and a certified professional behavioural analyst. Her professional development programs focus on leadership, emotional intelligence, leader as coach, coaching for performance and difficult conversations. Janine holds the annual The Leading Edge: Women In Education Conference.

As well as one of you presenting to the group, each meeting a special guest such as Deputy Principal, Principal, Head of School, Recruiter, Consultant will speak. Janine will also provide advice and strategies to assist your leadership journey.

Here is your opportunity, just once a term, to spend time on you, just you, your professional growth, your career, your future.

It is the type of professional growth you need to pay for; not ask for payment by your school. If you are serious about being a better teacher or leader you must invest in yourself.

See below for what happened at the Term 3 event held Wed 23 August.

Leadership and Post-Graduate Study: The Challenge and Reward

Dr Robert Jacob is Deputy Head of Middle School, Beaconhills College, Berwick Campus. Having recently completed his EdD (Doctor of Education), he will share with us the challenges of studying while working full time in a leadership position and reflect upon what he has learned and how he has grown through the experience.

Putting yourself out to market- navigating the interview season.

There are available positions appearing everywhere now that the season for applications and interviews is upon us. Janine Stratford, Executive Coach at Coaching Focus, is busy coaching candidates preparing them for interviews. She will walk you through some important aspects of the application process and interview experience to help you successfully navigate your way to that next position.

Educhange, Edupreneurs and Educational Innovation

Summer Howarth, Director of Learning Design, Director of Educhange will share stories of the Collective Genius; the Changemakers we work with in schools and communities every day. We call them the Edupreneurs.

Education Changemakers passionately believe that the best ideas for education almost always come from teachers and we work tirelessly to unleash their innovations. We are a generous organisation, and donate significant time, resources and money to education projects around the world. As an organisation that was founded on a radical collaboration we will always try new things, disrupt the status quo and strive for a world where every kid, everywhere, enjoys the benefits of a great education.


Term 4 The Leadership Exchange on Wednesday 15 November, 2017, 6.00pm – 8.30pm     Link to book and pay on-line.

Milanos, 4 The Esplanade, Brighton Beach (free parking onsite or train to Brighton Beach Station)

$65 plus GST (includes finger food meal) You will receive an Attendance Certificate towards PD hours

Reserve your place in the group here – Link to book and pay on-line.

If you prefer to pay by Bank Transfer, please email Janine to arrange this.

If you can’t make this event and would like to be told of other events, leave your contact details here.