Career Strategic Coaching focuses on helping you stand out and be ‘market ready’.

I assist you to identify your career direction, get clarity around your executive brand, ensure your social media profile, especially on LinkedIn, is showcasing your work and activities and work with you on your resume and application. I also prepare you for the interview with in-person sessions working through possible interview questions and carving slick, confident and evidence-based responses.

Sessions could explore:

  • Lifting your performance
  • Identifying your behavioural & communication style
  • Improving your leadership style
  • Leading your team forward
  • Work relationship challenges
  • Career direction
  • Social media profiles
  • CV structure
  • Critique your covering letter
  • Interview preparation
  • Strategic actions for the future

Behavioural Profiling

Leaders need to know themselves first before they can lead well.

Effective leaders know themselves: their strengths, challenges, how they prefer to go about their work and what activities excite or exhaust them.

You can find out all of this from a behavioural profile.

Leaders who understand and know themselves well are more effective in everything they do. After completing a 20 minute on-line questionnaire, an accurate and thorough 40-page leadership report results that maps your behavioural and communication preferences, how you might be perceived by others, your tendencies, areas for improvement and strategies to assist you to improve your interactions with others and lift your work performance.

The behavioural profile tool combines the two sciences of performance that help you to understand yourself in two key areas, how you behave and communicate and why you move into action, using the very well-known and research – based DISC and Driving Forces.

Janine will walk you through the report in a private and confidential debrief. Using a coaching style, Janine will work with you to analyse the report findings and help you to create strategic actions to move your leadership and career direction forward.

Have your questions answered with a free 15 minute conversation with Janine.