Resume Critique and Analysis

$290 plus GST

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If you are not being invited to interview, it usually means your application documents are letting you down.

Too many educators cannot see their value, hiding their achievements from their resume or unable to present them in writing clearly and concisely.

Janine will explore your career with you,  help you to identify your achievements, and assist you to express them confidently in your application documents.

Janine won’t write your Resume or Application Letter. She will provide you with valuable feedback so your documents present you well and get you to the next stage – the interview.

Janine is an educational leader who has worked with hundreds of applicants and been on way too many interview panels. Her current success rate for candidates being invited for interview is close to 80%.

Prior to the initial session, you will need you to email the documents from your most recent application to Janine.

Initial 1 hour Session Cost: $290 (plus GST)

Most people require at least 1 subsequent session to review and improve the changes discussed in the earlier session.

Subsequent sessions: $240 (plus GST)