Team Coaching

Working with Janine produced instant success! As an executive coach for the leadership groups at Kilvington she has enabled many staff to reflect and achieve professional and personal goals with her expertise and guidance. Janine is knowledgeable in her field of expertise and is able to relate closely to the unique challenge of teaching and teachers. Her unassuming manner combined with tactful but direct conversations make her coaching successful but also individual as she genuinely cares about those she works with. I highly recommend Janine.

Teresa Deshon, former Deputy Principal, Kilvington Grammar School.

Individual Coaching

Janine was empathetic, asking all the right questions to help me think and reach my own conclusions. In a gentle way, without being confronting, she pushed me to look at myself and help improve my confidence as a leader.

Mina Danos, Wellbeing Leader, Ruyton Girls’ School

Principal, Whitefriars College

Janine is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter who skilfully leads participants to an understanding of the positive power of coaching as a professional learning and personal development tool for educators in schools.

Mark Murphy

Janine provided strategies and she made me think!  I felt comfortable to discuss any aspect of my role with Janine. She challenged me to change my behaviour and to improve my work outcomes. She helped me see different perspectives and analyse things I did and thoughts I held. She encouraged me and supported me to work on areas of my work life that needed improvement.

In reference to Leadership Coaching

This conference was different to any other conference I have been to.  It promoted connection with other leaders, inspired me to ‘take control’ of my career, and offered me ideas as to how I can further my own understanding of my leadership style.  It recognised my strengths, but also showed my areas of challenge, recognising the importance of understanding both and the impact they can have on the way I lead in a school environment.

In reference to The Leading Edge: Women In Education Conference, Melbourne