Add coaching to your leadership skill set and be a more consistent leader.  

Better leaders listen, ask questions and work together with their teams to create solutions. They don’t just deliver advice and instructions.

Leaders that use coaching in their everyday conversations are role models for those around them, including the students who are closely watching how their adult community communicate.

Have you been wanting to learn to coach but are looking for a deeper program, supported by research, delivered in a smaller group setting by a highly qualified and experienced coach and one that understands schools? 

The Coach Certification Program is different to the usual coach training program.

It takes place across 2 workshop days that are spaced one month apart.

This means your time out of school is spread out, allowing busy leaders to access PD easier. 

The total PD time totals 20 hours of quality learning.

What else? 

  • the learning is supported by relevant and current research
  • the program begins before the first workshop with some pre-reading to begin the development of your coaching mindset
  • the group size is small so you can discuss and explore style and technique more comfortably

What else?

  • the group size allows more feedback plus the facilitator is able to observe you as you coach
  • there is a month between workshop days to give you time to practise your coaching and develop your own style
  • the coach-trainer is an internationally credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation

What else?

  • the coach-trainer understands schools, being a former school leader, she knows the ways you might use coaching in your role
  • after the second workshop,the reflective task helps to embed the learning and find further insight about the process of coaching as well as your approach, mindset and style.
  • the program is designed to satisfy the Code of Ethics set by the International Coach Federation, especially confidentiality and reporting when coaching peers.

This program is held once each term.

Its a smaller group setting allowing deeper learning and more practise. 

What will I learn?

Need-to-Know Details

  • The program is mapped against the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.
  • Involves pre-reading, coaching practise between the workshop days and a reflective written assessment.
  • Practical, hands-on coaching sessions

 20 Hours Professional Development

  • Pre-reading to begin to develop the coaching mindset and attitude – 3 hours
  • Coaching Workshops across 2 days – 11 hours
  • Coaching Practicum – 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions with other peer coaches – 3 hours
  • Coaching Development Self- Reflection task – 1000 words – 3 hours

What will I receive?

  • Detailed workbook of coaching resources including frameworks, techniques and templates
  • Professional Development Certificate of Program Completion mapped against AITSL standards

Individual Price:  $790 (plus $79 GST)

Group Discount for 3 people – $40 off per person

Learn to coach and be the role model healthy cultures need.


20 Hour Coach Certification Program is

Module 3- Consistent  of the

Elevating Leadership Program. 

You can learn more about the whole program here.

2022 Program Dates:

2 Day Workshop: Coach Certification Program

Term 3: 

Day 1 – Wednesday 10 August 2022       

Day 2 – Monday 5 September 2022    

9.00am – 3.30pm AEST online

Book Term 3 – click image below


2 Day Workshop: Coach Certification Program

Term 4: 

Day 1 – Friday 28 October  2022   

Day 2 – Wednesday 30 November 2022      

9.00am – 3.30pm AEDT online

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What are people saying about the program:

Janine is an engaging and knowledgeable presenter who skilfully leads participants to an understanding of the positive power of coaching as a professional learning and personal development tool for educators in schools.

Mark Murphy
Principal, Whitefriars College

This program can be brought to your school or workplace

We can also design workshops to meet your specific needs.

Already have coaching in place? The next step is Coaching Supervision and Sustaining your Coaching Culture

Coaches require support in the form of supervision in the same way as counsellors. They need an avenue to explore their approach, discuss strategies, de-brief confidentially and to provide a means for continually strengthening their skill set. Sessions can be conducted individually or in groups, as one hour sessions or group workshops.

I will work with your leadership team to design and develop a coaching program and be your support to ensure the coaching culture is maintained. Through regular upskilling of your coaches and measurement and celebration of the results of your couching program, I will work with you to ensure your coaching culture is sustainable.

Interested to know how it would work with your team?

I invite you to call me and we can talk through your structure and needs.

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