Emotional Intelligence for Leaders – Strengthening Soft Skills

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  • 18/06/2019

Great leaders understand themselves. They know what makes them tick and what makes them trigger.

Great leaders know how to manage their triggers and reactions first.

Emotional regulation is a key skill all leaders must master in order to present themselves with a calm and considered demeanour and to ensure they get the best from every interaction.

A great leader is considered in how they respond in the moment. They understand and appreciate that some people need more time to form decisions and others need decisions made quickly. Managing these expectations involves being able to regulate your own emotions while managing the situation to ensure the emotions of others are also in check.

If your team and colleagues know that every time they interact with you, your demeanour will be consistent, you will be calm and thoughtful in your approach, they will have greater confidence and a sense of security in working together with you.

Great leaders have well-developed soft skills; high emotional intelligence, and understand the impact of positive interpersonal interactions to culture, productivity and creativity.

Emotional regulation if fundamental to role model leadership.

Great leaders understand that getting the best out of their team is not about the leader having all the answers. Its about working collaboratively and supporting each team member to explore options and to find the best way forward with support.  With a considered approach and demeanour to your every interaction, your team will want to work collaboratively with you, be more creative and a higher functioning relationship will result.

EI for Leaders is a one-day workshop where you will design the demeanour and approach that defines you as a role model leader. You will develop strategies to help you be that leader every day.

You’ll explore your ideal leadership style as a role model leader, what motivates you,  what triggers you and your set of emotional regulation strategies and tools to ensure every interaction is positive and forward moving.

5.5 hours Prof. Development

Detailed Workbook & Certificate of Attendance Provided


EI for Leaders – Strengthening Soft Skills is

Module 4- Considered

of the

Elevating Leadership Program. 

You can learn more about the whole program here. 

Managing Conflict – Developing Conversational Resilience

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  • 06/06/2019

Dealing with a tricky situation? 

It’s a fact.

When you work with people, there will always be challenges.

How can you deal with difficult situations and stay calm in the moment?

Great leaders understand that positive working relationships develop strong healthy work cultures and that relationships are built through conversations, where people feel safe to speak, safe to ask, and safe to explore and be creative. That culture comes from robust conversations and collaboration. Leading this culture are great leaders who when challenging conversations appear unexpectedly, are able to be resilient and assertive in the moment. We call this conversational resilience.

Managing Conflict – Developing Conversational Resilience is a one-day workshop where you’ll learn skills and strategies to stay confident and lead well in the next challenging conversation. You’ll have conversational resilience.

Be a resilient leader

Get the knowledge & skills you need

  • Identify your conflict triggers
  • Understand how different personality types respond under stress
  • Learn emotional intelligence techniques to manage conflict
  • Create an Action Plan for the next challenging conversation
  • 5.5 hours Professional Development

Be the leader you’ve always wanted to be

Edwin H Friedman defines a leader as ‘a self-defined person with a non-anxious presence’.

As you learn to manage yourself and others in challenging heated situations, you develop a highly sought after skill, your leadership capacity grows and you become more employable.

You’ll be the role model healthy cultures need.


Managing Conflict – Developing Conversational Resilience is

Module 2- Confident

of the

Elevating Leadership Program. 

You can learn more about the whole program here. 

The Leadership Exchange – The Meeting Group for Educators

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  • 29/05/2019

Term 2: Wednesday 29 May

The Leadership Exchange is a network group for leaders and educators in school across all systems.

Jonathan Walter, Principal, Woodleigh School sat down to talk with me.  We have captured parts of those conversations in these three videos.

Jonathan Walter – Building on Strengths from Janine Stratford on Vimeo.

Jonathan Walter Discovering Passions at Woodleigh from Janine Stratford on Vimeo.

Jonathan Walter – changing student pathways for the future workforce from Janine Stratford on Vimeo.

I first met Peter Cavanagh, Director of Trustmapping, St Paul’s Anglican Grammar, in 2016 at the AHISA conference where he presented on the program. I was impressed then and he has been widely sharing this program with others ever since. It is now in 44 campuses on 5 continents. Here Peter and other staff at St Paul’s talk about Trustmapping and the impact is it having on student wellbeing and learning.

Started it 2017, its purpose is to:

  • assist educators to make real connections with like-minds and assist collegiate relationships to flourish across schools and across sectors.
  • provide a forum for ideas to be shared, the opportunity to public speak in a more intimate forum and for thought leadership to be developed.
  • learn more about the current educational landscape, to be informed and to learn from each other and those more experienced.
  • develop great leaders of education.



Download the PDF Brochure here

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2019 Event Dates – Week 6 Wednesday each term.

  • Term 1 : Wednesday 6 March
  • Term 2: Wednesday 29 May
  • Term 3: Wednesday 21 August
  • Term 4: Wednesday 13 November

Ticket Price: $65.00 (incl GST)

10% discount is offered for groups of 3 or more staff, from one school, for one event or one person booking for 3 events.

A Tax Invoice can be prepared.

Finger food meal provided. Drinks at Bar Prices.

What People are saying about The Leadership Exchange

The Leadership Exchange is a wonderful way for aspiring leaders to get together, share stories and develop networks.  Guest speakers provide an insight into senior management and provoke food for thought.  Janine provides simple, but highly effective, strategies to develop each participant.  Very highly recommended.   Deb Frizza, Executive Director- Strategic Outcomes, Emmaus College

Scheduling time to connect with other professionals and engage in critical conversations about challenges to navigate and emerging opportunity, is arguably more important than ever before. The Leadership Exchange offers a unique approach to inspiring great leadership for 21st Century education and I always leave with a bundle of new ideas to consider. Looking forward to the next event!  Cheryl Kane, Child Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator, Aquinas College

The Leadership Exchange is a wonderful opportunity to share valuable learning experiences and make professional connections. It is an excellent platform in which to network and find inspiration through developing relationships. See you at the next Exchange!!   Lisa Miller, Head of Teaching & Learning, Melbourne Grammar School

The Leading Edge: Women in Education Conference – SYDNEY

  • doradenk
  • 24/05/2019

Conference program

Day 1 – Saturday

8:30am Registration and coffee/tea

9:00am Welcome

9:15am Stepping Firmly into your Future

Who are you and how do we know? What does your ‘brand’ say about you? You already have a brand; it’s what people say about you when you are not in the room.  Do you know what people are saying? Are you proud of what they are saying or is some re-branding needed? We’ll explore branding for the educational leader and clarify your personal branding plan.

10:30am Morning Tea

11:00am The Value of Profiling

The key to relationships is healthy communication. The DISC is a powerful profiling tool, revealing your behavioural style and how you prefer to communicate. DISC also demonstrates how you can improve your communication with others. We’ll discuss the profiling report, you’ll see your own profile, and together we’ll explore success strategies that you can immediately implement. As part of your profiling report, your key motivators have been mapped and will be presented and discussed. Once you understand your own motivations, you can align your actions with your career goals.

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm The Leadership Lens: Different Perspectives

We know that the number of female leaders in senior positions is currently well short of the number of our male counterparts. We discuss this divide and discover what aspiring women can and should be doing to rebalance the leadership landscape.

Panel members:  Senior leaders including Principals, Deputy Principals and HR Managers

3:00pm Preparing for Interview: ‘Getting your Ducks in a Row’

Going for interviews requires planning and practise. There is a format used in interviewing and a successful process for responding to questions. Together we will explore the pitfalls of interviews and discover techniques for success. We will also break down the position description ready for the Mock Interview to be held Day 2.

4:30pm End of Day 1

6:30 – 10:00pm Conference Dinner

Conference Dinner Venue: Abbotsleigh Boarders’ Dining Room


Day 2 – Sunday

8:30am Reconnect & coffee/tea

9:00am Conference resumes: Review & Re-focus

9:15am Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leadership is about relationships. We’ll explore the core of great leadership and effective teams – trust – and how to build it. We’ll also examine the importance of managing emotions to ensure you maintain a consistent demeanour on which your team can depend.

10:00am Morning Tea

10:30am The Missing 33%

‘High-performing leaders are not just born, but can be made’. Senior leadership positions are not just about leading the team. There is a missing 33% of the career success equation for women and we need to fill the void. We need to be more confident, negotiate better, self-promote more and get more strategic. What does this look like and how do we address it?

Presenter:  Fiona Hutton – Director, Hutton Consulting

12:00pm The Strategic Leadership Journey

During the registration process, each delegate will be asked to provide 3 questions about the challenges of the leadership journey.  These questions will be explored together and those that remain unanswered will be presented to a small panel of senior leaders.

1:15pm Lunch

2:00pm Mock Interview & Debrief

An aspiring leader will be interviewed for a senior leadership position in front of 3 panel members and conference delegates. Following the interview, we will debrief the experience together to identify areas you need to develop further in preparation for your next interview.

3:15pm Where to from here?

Using the combined profiles of delegates, we’ll compare the group’s Behavioural Profiles and see if patterns exist among leaders, levels and roles. You will examine what you need to do to strengthen your leadership profile and develop an action plan for implementation.

4:00pm End of Conference


Payment Options

  • Pay Now via Credit Card or Pay Later via Electronic Bank Transfer
  • The Tax Invoice will be prepared and emailed to you

Terms & Conditions

Refunds will only be provided if:

  • A substitute delegate is not available
  • The Behavioural Profile link has not been emailed to the delegate
  • We have been notified in writing at least 2 weeks before the conference starts

Download your copy of the program here


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