We believe great leaders are clear, consistent, confident and considered. They use a coaching style, have a focus on healthy staff culture and strong working relationships. They have high emotional intelligence and are both resilient and assertive in challenging conversations.

Elevating Leadership is the program that will develop great leaders.

The program combines workshops, individual coaching and group webinars and is designed to ensure the learning is put into practice, without putting a strain on time away from the workplace.

The program runs for 12 months and is suited to middle leaders and first time leaders.

This program explores:

  • understanding yourself, your executive brand, your behavioural and communication style and how you are perceived by others.
  • your current level of emotional intelligence and where focused growth is needed
  • understanding the four main behavioural styles and using this knowledge to work better with team members and colleagues
  • designing interactions for increased effectiveness
  • managing the team, meetings and sharing vision
  • identifying performance targets and the evidence needed for achievement.

This focus of this program is on leaders being clear, consistent, considered and confident, leading well as role models for both students and staff around them.

How the program is structured:

  • 1 full day workshop per term
  • 2 one-hour coaching sessions per term
  • 1 group webinar per term

Number of PD hours per term: 8

You don’t have to complete the program in one year, because you can start in any term of the year and follow the program for 4 terms. You can even miss a term and pick it up the following term.

Total PD hours across the year: 24

AITSL Standards: 6 & 7